Kentish Council

Kentish is home to Cradle Mountain; Sheffield: Town of Murals; Railton: Town of Topiary; and the Wilmot Novelty Letterbox Trail. And in between is a collection of the quirkiest attractions you are likely to find.

This is “Tasmania’s Outdoor Art Gallery” – a world of public art nestled in a district of stunning wilderness, waterfalls and wildlife, the epicentre of production of Tasmania’s famous clean green food. It’s a place where you can get into it, or get away from it. With a plethora of accommodation, for every budget and in every form.

Come and stay a while!

Tasmania’s “Town of Murals’’, 30 minutes from Devonport on the B14, features about 80 huge paintings on local buildings, created by local artists which depict local history and characters. Take the audio tour, available from the visitor information centre, to interpret the stories the murals tell. Historic Sheffield, at the foot of majestic Mount Roland (1233m), is also known for its eclectic shops, such as World of Marbles, The Emporium, Seashells@Sheffield, The Contraptuary, and the working art studio Galendor, or step back in time at the historic Slater’s Country Store, which has been owned by the same family for more than 100 years. Sheffield is the ideal lunchstop on the way to Cradle Mountain, with a broad variety of cafes and takeaways.[

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